CANCELLED Workshop 2: User Interaction with Pervasive Display Environments

Submitted by tjokela on May 12, 2006 - 11:35.

User Interaction with Pervasive Display Environments CANCELLED

Keith Mitchell, Lancaster University, UK
Shahram Izadi, Microsoft Research, UK
Nicholas Race, Lancaster University, UK
Rui Jose, University of Minho, Portugal
Linden Ball, Lancaster University, UK

Ubiquitous and pervasive computing aims to widely distribute computing and communications technology such that they become invisible and unknowingly become part of everyday life.  Recently, this has seen an increase in the use of display technology deployed within public spaces in order to offer information and services as users go about their daily business.  There are many challenges in enabling user interaction with display systems (large and small) particularly in public spaces. Over and above the technological difficulties faced by engineers, there are many social and psychological factors which will play important role in our understanding of how systems are adopted, used and for what purpose. This workshop aims to attract a multi-disciplinary audience in order to foster rich discussions between researchers with an interest in understanding user-interaction within public and situated display environments. The workshop seeks to identify and discuss the salient challenges pertaining to this area of human-computer interaction for designers, engineers and developers.  Furthermore it seeks to address how pervasive display environments can be developed such that they capture user attention and support fluid and natural interaction experiences through mobile devices.

Topics of Interest
We invite submissions which report theoretical/practical findings, work-in-progress or position statements related to the use of mobile devices as interfaces for pervasive displays. Submissions relating, but not limited, to the following topics are welcome:

Novel Interactive display systems:
•    Large displays and projections systems; context-awareness
User Interaction techniques:
•    mobile device and display interaction; mobile devices as interfaces to large pervasive displays; interaction metaphors; single and multi-user interaction; multi-user floor control;
User Evaluation and Studies:
•    evaluation metrics and criteria; design guidelines; user studies; user experiences; social awareness;
Applications and Scenarios:
•    New media art installations; information systems; interactive experiences, entertainment, gaming.

We welcome participants from all disciplines related to HCI (e.g. psychologists, engineers, computer and social scientists, ethnographers, artists/designers) and are keen to attract both industrial and academic delegates. Submissions should not exceed 6 pages and be sent, in PDF format, to
k.mitchell at

For more information, visit the Workshop website:

Submission Deadline: 14th July 2006    
Notification of Acceptance: 7th August 2006