Workshop 6: Modelling and Designing User Assistance in Intelligent Environments

Submitted by stahl on May 12, 2006 - 14:15.

Room Saarikoski, Innopoli 2, 4th floor SoberIT

Innopoli 2, SoberIT premises Innopoli 2, Tekniikantie 14, 4th floor Espoo. See the building 33 in this map:

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Workshop Overview

Ubicomp research continually develops novel interaction techniques, sensing technologies, and new ways of presenting personalized information to the user. Gradually, companies operating in environments such as airports, museums or even shopping malls are becoming aware of the potential benefits in letting such technologies assist their users and customers. Intelligent environments are predicted to aid their users in pursuing their activities, such as wayfinding or shopping, through the situated presentation of personalized information. However, due to the large design space that ranges from wearable computing to public displays, the conceptual and technological choices pose new challenges to the designer.

Theme & Topics

We are interested in models, principles and methodologies, which guide the designer of an intelligent environment in the early stages of the development process, such as task and requirements analysis and conceptual design. We are looking for contributions, which will help the designer of user assistance systems to address the following questions:
  • Which user activities and tasks require assistance?
  • How to map an activity model into interactions with computing artifacts?
  • How should the designer choose the best sensing and interaction technologies?
  • Which mobile or wearable personal devices can be employed?
  • How should multiple users with concurrent activities be supported?
  • How to represent the state of the user assistance, when dealing with multiple tasks?
The intention of the workshop is to share experiences and perspectives on user assistance in intelligent environments from the different viewpoints of Ubicomp developers, designers, ethnographers and cognitive scientists. Each participant will give a short presentation.
The second half of the workshop will be focused on the discussion of interesting topics:
  • How to unify the complementary concepts of public and personal devices in Intelligent Environments (IEs)
  • How to model user activity (terminology, structure, notation) for the design of IEs
  • Suggest a terminology for Intelligent Environments
  • How can tools support the modelling and designing of user assistance in IEs
  • What are the problems of applying traditional software engineering methodologies
  • Are there principles that can be generalized to the design of all IEs

Important Dates

Submission deadline has been extended until              July 10, 2006
Submission deadline for position papers (2-6 pages):  June 23, 2006
Notification of acceptance for workshop papers:             July 13, 2006
MODIE 2006 workshop at MobileHCI 2006:          September 12, 2006

Organizing Committee

 Chair: Christoph StahlSaarland University, Germany 
 Co-Organizers: Thomas PedersonUmeå University, Sweden
  Helder PintoUniversity of Minho, Portugal
  Michael SchmitzDFKI GmbH, Germany
  Lucia TerrenghiUniversity of Munich, Germany