Industrial Case Studies

Submitted by marko on January 4, 2006 - 17:08.

As started in MobileHCI 05, Industrial Case Studies are also part of MobileHCI'06. Industrial case studies are included in the conference proceedings.

Industrial Case Studies should show the application, integration and challenges of human-computer interaction approaches, techniques and tools towards the development of usable, innovative and user centred mobile devices and services.

Please send us your ideas to discuss the appropriate format. Case study submissions should be a maximum of 4 pages (including figures and references). Submissions must be submitted in PDF format. Please send the submissions to industrialcases[at]


The deadline for submission of industrial case studies was 10:00 PM pacific time (UTC-8) Sunday, 8 May 2006.

Instructions for Authors

The format of the printed submissions must conform to the two-column ACM format. The final submitted files must be in PDF format. Link to writing instructions / ACM format